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A Conversation with Dustin Watkins - The Story of Bittersweet Farms

Dustin Watkins, Executive Director of Bittersweet Farms, joins us to discuss Bittersweet's new book, Creating Quality of Life for Adults on the Autism Spectrum: The Story of Bittersweet Farms.

Bittersweet Farms is first and one of very few farm programs for people with autism and complex behavioral needs in the United States. For an overview of Bittersweet's history, programs and services in both ICF and HCBS settings, funding and other aspects of the operation, please watch this video.

Please watch National Council on Severe Autism's recent podcast episode with Dustin Watkins HERE.

"The Bittersweet Farm Model is really effective for individuals with severe sensory problems, aggressive behavior, and intellectual disability. The emphasis on farm life, sensory rich activity, and physical labor is calming."

- Temple Grandin, author, The Autistic Brain

"While many have elected to live and work in rural America, the options for adults with autism to pursue a similar lifestyle were nearly non-existent. Yet, the pleasures of working the land, caring for animals, and appreciating the change of seasons can become the backdrop for supporting and engaging everyone, including those with autism. Bittersweet began as a dream. It is a dream shared by many families, but few have succeeded at making that dream a reality. As adults with autism have struggled to find homes and communities that recognize their unique perspective and contributions, the founders of Bittersweet unified a collection of leaders and resources to find creative solutions. Individuals with autism, families and professionals will each find something in the Bittersweet vision. Learn from their journey and pick up valuable practical examples by reading this book."

- Steven Muller, CEO, Balance Autism

Click HERE to read National Council on Severe Autism's review of the book.

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