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WP Opinion: I’m tired of disability activists pretending my son doesn’t exist

by Amy F.S. Lutz

(Jorn Sangsorn/iStock)

"You can’t miss my son Jonah, 24. He’s the one spinning while blasting “Sesame Street” songs from his iPad in the back corner of Costco. The one popping up from a table at Five Guys, splashed with so much ketchup he looks like a murder victim. The one pounding on his head in agitation, sometimes for obvious reasons (he was directed to the pink waterslide instead of the blue one) and sometimes for seemingly no reason at all.

Jonah is incapable of passing through the world unnoticed — except, somehow, by policymakers and certain neurodiversity activists, who seem intent on denying that people with his level of disability exist and require extensive accommodation and care."

Please click HERE to read the entire article on the Washington Post (free or paid subscription required).

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