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The Autism Surge: Lies, Conspiracies, and My Own Kids

Rates of autism are skyrocketing. The question isn’t just why—but what we need to do about it right now, and what’s holding us back.

By Jill Escher:

"But no matter what is causing autism, one thing is unequivocally true. We are woefully unprepared for the mounting demand for adult autismservices. While revisionist histories have preached that autism is natural neurodiversity that has always been here but we somehow never noticed it, in the real world the numbers of disabled autistic adults in need of lifespan care are swelling, and fast. And where are the options? If autism has always been around and in these numbers, surely we would see the legacy of programs and housing services all around us. But we don’t. We must now invent a very complex and costly future for our loved ones. Because autism parents like me—we won’t live forever."

Please click HERE to read the entire article on The Free Press.

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21 lip 2023

Every single person I know who has been diagnosed with autism have food allergies/food sensitivities. More emphasis needs to be focused on the root causes of autism, not just care after a diagnosis. The argument that autism has always been there, and maybe just not diagnosed, is statistically impossible. The number of cases has skyrocketed. DNA doesn’t change that quickly.

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