Together for Choice Sponsorship

TFC is seeking sponsors who wish to advance the rights of individuals with I/DD to choose from among a broad array of residential, vocational and recreational choices.

Organization Sponsorship will be open to providers of housing, vocational, and other services for individuals with I/DD. Providers will be asked to pay a modest sponsorship fee to support TFC's operations and activities.

Individual Sponsorship will be open to individuals with I/DD, their family members, allies, and concerned citizens. Individual Sponsorship will not require a membership fee, but sponsors will have the opportunity to make tax deductible contributions to TFC to support its operations and activities.



Organization Sponsorship Form

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Please submit a payment of $100 via PayPal below.

Individual Sponsorship Form

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In addition to the individual sponsorship, you may also support Together For Choice financially with a donation.

Sponsorship Benefits

Organization and individual sponsors will receive the following benefits:

A united voice to ensure the message of choice in services and supports for individuals with I/DD is heard at the state and federal level.

An opportunity to share personal, provider and community experiences at the state and federal level that enhance the quality of life for those with I/DD and their families.

An information portal of news, articles and blogs to keep sponsors informed of the latest developments in the field of I/DD.

Opportunities to participate in call to actions both at the state and federal level to advance our mission of choice for individuals with I/DD.

Making connections at events and conferences around the country, aiming to spread the word of the mission and create a larger voice.

Strong presence as an organization working toward a united voice for individuals with I/DD.

Governance of TFC

TFC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of founding organizations and concerned individuals. While organization and individual sponsors will not have voting rights, their input and perspectives are highly valued and will help guide policies and the TFC agenda. 

Tax­ deductible contributions are encouraged through the TFC website in order to sustain and grow the organization's efforts. Securing charitable contributions, grants and awards will be a primary responsibility of Governance of the TFC, but voluntary TFC Member support is encouraged.